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Item NPC Name Average Kills
Corrupted shards Corrupted dragon 1
Raw paddlefish Corrupted dragon 2
Corrupted teleport crystal Corrupted dragon 5
Weapon frame Corrupted dragon 2
Corrupted orb Corrupted dragon 1
Corrupted shards Corrupted rat 1
Raw paddlefish Corrupted rat 8
Grym leaf Corrupted rat 8
Corrupted teleport crystal Corrupted rat 17
Weapon frame Corrupted rat 2
Corrupted shards Corrupted scorpion 1
Raw paddlefish Corrupted scorpion 7
Corrupted teleport crystal Corrupted scorpion 10
Weapon frame Corrupted scorpion 2
Corrupted shards Corrupted spider 1
Raw paddlefish Corrupted spider 9
Grym leaf Corrupted spider 9
Corrupted teleport crystal Corrupted spider 19
Weapon frame Corrupted spider 2
Corrupted shards Corrupted unicorn 1
Raw paddlefish Corrupted unicorn 8
Corrupted teleport crystal Corrupted unicorn 10
Weapon frame Corrupted unicorn 2
Corrupted shards Corrupted wolf 1
Raw paddlefish Corrupted wolf 6
Corrupted teleport crystal Corrupted wolf 10
Weapon frame Corrupted wolf 2
Raw beef Cow 1
Cowhide Cow 1
Bones Cow 1
Gold charm Crawling Hand 11
Green charm Crawling Hand 184
Crimson charm Crawling Hand 136
Blue charm Crawling Hand 399
Leather gloves Crawling Hand 14
Gloves Crawling Hand 19
Gloves Crawling Hand 23
Gloves Crawling Hand 12
Gloves Crawling Hand 22
Gloves Crawling Hand 24
Mystic gloves Crawling Hand 29
Gold ring Crawling Hand 19
Sapphire ring Crawling Hand 19
Emerald ring Crawling Hand 22
Ruby ring Crawling Hand 23
Coins Crawling Hand 3
Coins Crawling Hand 3
Coins Crawling Hand 3
Coins Crawling Hand 3
Ashes Crawling Hand 61
Bones Crazy archaeologist 1
Zamorak robe Crazy archaeologist 15
Zamorak robe Crazy archaeologist 13
Battlestaff Crazy archaeologist 12
Ring of life Crazy archaeologist 10
Splitbark body Crazy archaeologist 12
Splitbark legs Crazy archaeologist 12
Ancient staff Crazy archaeologist 43
Clean lantadyme Crazy archaeologist 7
Fire rune Crazy archaeologist 10