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News and announcements
Ikov updates [06/06/2019]
6th June 2019

Hey guys.

This update took a bit longer to prepare and it contains a little bit of everything. Most importantly, we've been working on improving combat and PvP. Make sure to let us know what you think!

I'd also like to mention that we're aware of some lagspikes that have been occuring this week and are working very hard to get them sorted as soon as possible. Just bare with us and they should be fixed in no time!



  • Grifolaroo
    • A brand new boss has been added that spawns in level 45 multi-wilderness every 2 hours. It mostly deals magic damage and is immune to familiars' attacks. Additionally, Grifolaroo will skull all players that deal damage to him.
    • Drops loot for the top 3 damage dealers, with the top 1 having a 1/4 chance of receiving double loot. Additionally....
      • #1 killer is guranteed to receive 750 pkp.
      • #2 kil......

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King of the Skill - Win $500 + OSRS GP!
4th June 2019


Hi and welcome to the first official King of the Skill event! This is an event suited to those who enjoy skilling and grinding - the goal is to train your skills as much as possible in the given time frame. 

The tournament will officially begin on Friday the 7th of June 4 PM server time and end on Tuesday the 11th of June 4 PM server time

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Ikov Updates [25/05/2019]
25th May 2019


Hey guys.

This week's second update consists of an inferno rework aswell as some fixes and suggestions that we wanted to put out before the weekend. Hope you enjoy!



  • Inferno
    • Pillar health bars are now centered. Fixed a visual glitch where parts of the pillars would sometimes go invisible.
    • Improved the crumble animation when a pillar is destroyed. Also fixed a visual bug where it'd sometimes remain on the map after it had crumbled.
    • Nearby Jal-nibs are now killed when a pillar collapses.
    • Jal-nibs are now a bit smarter and will prioritize pillars that aren't occupied. They'll also always try to move to an empty spot around the pillar. If are pillars are dead they'll attack the player instead.
    • Jal-nibs no longer take damage when attacking a pillar. Previously the pillar was recoiling som......

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