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Ikov Updates [20/08/2019]
20th August 2019

Hey guys.

In this week's update we've been focused on fixing up the wilderness map aswell as as the target system.



  • Defeating a target no longer drops junk items. Instead, you'll now receive a Bounty casket up to tier 3. Tier 3 has a 1/300 droprate and tier 2 is 1/150. These droprates scale with the target's killstreak. If you do not receive one of those two, a tier 1 casket is guranteed to drop. These caskets can be opened and can either contain pk points or decent items. Since Clan Wars has also been removed in this update, opening a casket has replaced its medium achievement.
  • The wilderness map has been broken for some time now, with duplicate regions, npcs and obelisks missing etc. We've gone through the entire map and made it match OSRS. We've made sure all obelisks work and that all missing npc spawns have been added. Some npcs have also been moved, an example being ......

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Ikov Updates [08/08/2019]
8th August 2019

Hey guys.

This is a quick follow-up to the previous update with some improvements and fixes, more specifically for LMS.


Last Man Standing

(Some of these were hotfixed into the game shortly after the release)

  • Lowered lobby timer between games to 4 minutes (previously 10).
  • Players now receive more points based on their placement aswell as the amount of kills they had. Increased the prices of rewards in Lisa's rewards store to compensate.
  • A marker will now appear on the minimap for the early magical crate spawns.
  • Magical crates now look different and stand out more from the surroundings.
  • Increased the PJ timer between fights. Attacking a player will now immediately apply the timer on yourself aswell, preventing others from attacking you even if the other player hasn't attacked back yet. The PJ timer is also reset to 30 seconds after defeating......

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Ikov Updates [07/08/2019]
7th August 2019

Hey guys.

We've been working on a replacement for Riot Wars, which will be retiring with this update.


Last Man Standing

LMS is a brand new battle-royale style PvP minigame. Players will be teleported to an island in the same setup and the battle for survival will begin. Defeating another player will restore your stats and restock supplies, while also giving you a Bloody key which can be used on a chest to loot it for better gear. Magical loot crates will also spawn around the map, containing even better gear. 

After a few minutes, fog will begin approaching the island and the final safe zone will be broadcasted. Players must get to this zone as fast as possible because the fog will start moving closer and closer. Staying in the fog will cause you to take rapid damage. The fog may affect performance if you're on an older device, and can be toggled off using the command ::lmsfog. ......

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