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Ikov Updates [20/10/2019]
20th October 2019

Hey, this is a small balance update following the release of Zalcano.



As it drops so many decent supplies, it shouldn't only take a minute to kill.

  • Increased the shield and health.
  • Swapped the droprate of the Magic secateurs with the Crystal tool seed.
  • Pet droprate is now 1/750 rather than 1/500.
  • Lowered the amount of Mining exp you get when mining Zalcano.
  • Fixed a bug where you could mine tephra while the boss was respawning (this was hotfixed).
  • Added evil tree teleport to the collection log.
  • Magic secateurs are no longer announced as a rare drop.
  • Zalcano now pushes players back fewer tiles to prevent being knocked back into rocks.


Other changes

  • Chambers of Xeric
    • Ancient tablet can no longer be used to scale down a ......

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Ikov Updates [18/10/2019]
18th October 2019

Hello. This update is a big one, with a lot of significant changes. I definitely think that it's worth to read through.

Let us know what you think, post some feedback below!



Our newest addition, Zalcano, is a unique boss that can be fought using skilling rather than conventional combat. She's immune to traditional combat damage, and players must break through her stone armor shield by throwing imbued tephra at her. You can mine tephra from the rock formations around the room, and must then use it on the furnace to refine it. Once refined, bring it to the altar to imbue it. You can then begin throwing it at her, lowering the shield in the process. When the shield is depleted, she'll fall to the ground and become vulnerable. While vulnerable, players may use their pickaxes to mine her and deal damage.

All participating players will receive loot. The player who deals the most damage to Zalcano will receive......

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Ikov Updates [26/09/2019]
26th September 2019

Hey guys.

As many of you know, we've been working on Treasure Trails for some time and they're being released with this update. A huge thanks to our content testing team for all the help. I'd also like to thank @Jake who has been working on an official guide. Click here to check it out!


Treasure Trails

Clue scrolls are finally here. You can receive them from monsters, various skilling activities and also as loot from implings and raids. Complete all steps of the clue to receive a casket, which can be opened for rewards. Higher tier scrolls have better rewards. We've added nearly 700 different clues, making every trea......

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