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Ikov Updates [26/09/2019]
26th September 2019

Hey guys.

As many of you know, we've been working on Treasure Trails for some time and they're being released with this update. A huge thanks to our content testing team for all the help. I'd also like to thank @Jake who has been working on an official guide. Click here to check it out!


Treasure Trails

Clue scrolls are finally here. You can receive them from monsters, various skilling activities and also as loot from implings and raids. Complete all steps of the clue to receive a casket, which can be opened for rewards. Higher tier scrolls have better rewards. We've added nearly 700 different clues, making every trea......

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Ikov Updates [13/09/2019]
13th September 2019

Hey guys.

The long-awaited Elite ironman gamemode is finally here along with one of our biggest events yet, read more by clicking here. Good luck to all participants!

Treasure Trails are almost ready for release and will most likely be released in the next update.


Elite Ironman 

Our newest gamemode is finally here. It comes with an animated icon and 12% bonus droprate. Dying in a dangerous place will result in your game mode changing to "Fallen" elite ironman instead, which has a solid icon and a 10% bonus droprate. Both of these modes have a 90% experience reduction compared to the standard gamemode. Other ironman restrictions are also applied. If Elite ironman is too much of a grind, you can change your gamemode by speaking to Paul in Edgeville.

Along with the release of this......

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Introducing Elite Ironman - Huge Rewards $2000+
4th September 2019



Hello Ikovians,
The long awaited Elite Ironman mode is here and ready to be released Friday the 13th. The mode will share the same restrictions as other ironman modes but it will have a significantly reduced experience rate which is 90% less compared to the regular gamemode. Alongside the reduced exp rate, the mode also has some perks. Such as a 12% droprate boost, that also applies in both Chambers of Xeric and Theatre of Blood. Elite ironman will be released with a separate hiscores page.

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