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News and announcements
Ikov Updates [28/11/2019]
28th November 2019


In this update we're reworking Nex. Additionally, Grifolaroo is receiving a single spawn to give players that aren't part of big clans a fighting chance at it.

Let us know what you think!



  • Nex
    • Nex was always a big part of pre-eoc. She has been reworked to make the fight a lot more interactive. The full development blog can be found here.
      • All of her phases have been added, including their unique attacks and effects.
      • She will now spawn minions (the mages) and will call on them throughout the fight.
      • She will run and teleport while chasing her target, making it difficult to get away from her.
      • She will fully reset if everyone leaves the area.
      • Her stats have been lowered. ......

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Ikov Updates [14/11/2019]
14th November 2019


Quick update with some changes following the release of the Gauntlet.



Implementing some QoL suggestions and fixing some stuff.

  • Crafting items
    • You can now craft items while having materials equipped.
    • Items you already own will no longer show up in the creation menu, so no more crafting duplicate items.
    • The second and third weapon frames are now a bit more common as drop from the monsters.
  • Skill
    • You can no longer enter the Gauntlet without having the skilling requirements (70 woodcutting, mining and fishing).
    • You can now fill vials with water by using them on fishing spots.
    • 10 crystal shards are now ground into 10 dust.
    • Grinding and mixing potions inside the Gauntlet will now set the menu amount to "All" by default.
    • ......

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Ikov Updates [12/11/2019]
12th November 2019

Hey guys.

This is a very big update with some major changes. Combat pathing has been reworked, raids are being made harder and a new minigame has been added. Read all about it below and let us know what you think!




The gauntlet has been added. It's basically a dungeon in which you have a limited amount of time to gather resources. Once the time is up, you'll have to fight the Hunllef boss. If you were to die but managed to get the boss to below 35% health you'll still receive a partial reward.

Once you've completed a regular gauntlet, you will receive access to corrupted gauntlets. In the corrupted gauntlet, you'll have less time to gather resources and all monsters will be tougher, including the boss. They're a lot more rewarding compared to the regular gauntlet though. Corrupted gauntlets are

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