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Ikov Updates [14/05/2019]
14th May 2019

Hey guys.

We've been trying to put out weekly updates but this one took a bit longer to prepare. I think it was worth the wait though, let me know what you think! 



Most of you know that the clanchat system is quite broken. Ever since the launch we've been applying hotfix after hotfix trying to improve it. Unfortunately these haven't been very effective, and instead of trying to apply duct tape to code made many years ago, we decided to simply write a new system. Unfortunately this means that all clanchats will have to be recreated again.

  • Reworked the clanchat system, improved the interfaces and made clans even more customizable and easier to manage. Clans can now be assigned a category.
  • Added an interface which can be used to view/search active clans. Owners can unlist their clans in the management interface to prevent them from showing in this interface.
  • ......

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Ikov Updates [4/05/2019]
4th May 2019

Hey guys.

This update is intended to fix a bug within the Duel Arena. The bug was rather big and we had no option but to disable the arena until a fix was available. 



  • Duel arena
    • Fixed a visual glitch where armour restrictions would not show for the other client.
  • Tournament
    • You can no longer claim ::store items while in the lobby or in a fight.
  • Theatre of Blood
    • Sotetseg's defence level now scales with the party size (160 solo, up to 225 scaled, previously 225 at all times).
  • Evil trees
    • Solved a bug with the respawning, it is now able to spawn in more places.
    • The Evil yew tree now always rewards players with yew logs.



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Ikov Updates [2/05/2019]
2nd May 2019

Hey guys.

Launch weekend is over and we've disabled the exclusive present in the starter pack. We've also released our voting page so make sure to vote for us as often as possible to help the server grow even more.

This is a much needed update to address some tournament bugs amongst other things. I'd like to thank everyone who takes their time to report bugs or post suggestions to help improve the game. Keep it up, we read everything! 



  • Tournament
    • The completionist cape should now load in presets for players that don't meet the requirements to wear it.
    • Fixed a bug that rarely occured with the spectator overlay where players who were spectating inbetween rounds coul......

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