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Ikov Updates [04/03/2021]
4th March 2021

Hey everyone, we have a PVP focused update this time around. We are excited to hear your feedback on it.


Daily PvP Tasks

Each day, you can visit Vannaka (Outside Edgeville General store) which you'll than have an option between choosing either Easy, Medium or a Hard tier task. These tasks can range from defeating wilderness monsters or achieving a long kill streak.

  • To unlock Medium tasks, you'll need ATLEAST 50 PvP Kills.
  • To unlock Hard tasks, you'll need ATLEAST 100 PvP Kills.
  • Each tier of task gives more points & certain tasks rewarding you with bonus points.
  • You may only complete 1 of each tier of task per device. (Regardless of account)
  • If you do NOT complete your task within 24 hours, your task and streak WILL be reset.
  • Every 5th streak gained, you'll earn double the points per task.
  • Achievements:
    • ......

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Ikov Updates [28/01/2021]
28th January 2021

Hey everyone, I hope you're all doing well. We have a brand new update, mainly addressing drop rates for a lot of mid to end game minigames/bosses, as well as a bunch of fixes, QOL's and other small pieces of content. @Chris and I are just getting back into the swing of things, so we do apologise for a delay in the update. We were all very busy over the Christmas/start of the new year, but we're hoping to get back on schedule with fortnightly updates!



  • Theatre of Blood
    • Challenge Mode
      • Scythe upgrade kit now does not count as a unique, all player's in the raid now have a chance at rolling for it. The rate scales depending on the amount of player's in th......

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Ikov Updates [19/12/2020]
19th December 2020


Greetings adventurers!  After seeing so many of you master the challenge of the Theatre of Blood, we felt that it is now the time to push yourselves further. We would like to introduce, for the first time ever, Ikov's very own Challenge Mode Theatre of Blood! This has all the mechanics of the original variant, with a few twists for you to discover and learn along the way. Each boss has had various aspects of their individual mechanics altered and added on to, with the same feel of the classic Theatre of Blood that we all know and love. These new mechanics will not be detailed on this thread, as they are for you to learn and overcome. However, please note this is a dangerous minigame: 

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