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News and announcements
Ikov Updates [04/07/2019]
4th July 2019

Hey guys.

We were not able to put out an update last week because I was busy moving to my new apartment. @Reecehas also been sick.

Now that I'm all set up at my new place, we should be able to get back to releasing weekly updates again.



  • Overkill has been added and can be toggled on by speaking to Mandrith (it's toggled off by default). It basically prevents damage from being capped to your target's hitpoints, allowing you to see the damage you would have normally dealt. 
  • Mage bank
    • Webs
      • Webs no longer apply clipping on the tile infront of them (but instead block the pathway......

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Ikov Updates [18/06/2019]
18th June 2019

Hey guys.

This update contains a little bit of everything. We've been trying to include as many player-made suggestions as possible, so make sure to keep posting those.

I've also been working on clue scrolls but they're not ready for release yet. Stay tuned!



  • Reworked the warning teleport system. There's no longer a global toggle. Instead you'll now be able to toggle them off individually for each dangerous teleport.
  • It's now possible to attack players that are fighting the Wildy wyrm.
  • Improved pathing to allow for attacking from more realistic distances while chasing or running up to another player using melee.
  • Granite maul
    • With the pathing improvements mentioned above, the Granite maul special attack no longer has additional attack distance. An entire tick was previously being wasted just for waiting for the player t......

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Ikov updates [06/06/2019]
6th June 2019

Hey guys.

This update took a bit longer to prepare and it contains a little bit of everything. Most importantly, we've been working on improving combat and PvP. Make sure to let us know what you think!

I'd also like to mention that we're aware of some lagspikes that have been occuring this week and are working very hard to get them sorted as soon as possible. Just bare with us and they should be fixed in no time!



  • Grifolaroo
    • A brand new boss has been added that spawns in level 45 multi-wilderness every 2 hours. It mostly deals magic damage and is immune to familiars' attacks. Additionally, Grifolaroo will skull all players that deal damage to him.
    • Drops loot for the top 3 damage dealers, with the top 1 having a 1/4 chance of receiving double loot. Additionally....
      • #1 killer is guranteed to receive 750 pkp.
      • #2 kil......

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